Portsmouth City Council and the Vanguard Method: 15 years on

people discuss about graphs and rates

John Seddon interviews Jim Lines and Dave Adams from Portsmouth City Council, September 2021.

Jim and Dave were mentored by Vanguard’s John Little and have since been self-sufficient. They have helped the curious recognise that a key aspect of the Vanguard Method is enabling the organisation to gradually become independent in its application of systems thinking.

Find out why the work has been so successful in Portsmouth, what all their interventions have in common and which tactics interventionists use to get leaders to lead.

Delivering Better Services for Sheffield: John Seddon speaks

Friday 24th September 2021

John Seddon addresses an audience of  130+ people in Sheffield who are achieving great things with the Vanguard Method in health and care services. Find out what the secret is to designing public services that work.

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Vanguard and Kingston University Course

Will you take the opportunity to improve people’s lives and significantly reduce costs?
Pioneers across public services are achieving large financial savings and remarkable improvements in service by thinking radically about People Centred Systems. Listen to practitioners talk about results they have achieved using the Vanguard Method.
There are practical steps you need to take to improve people-centred services and dramatically reduce costs. The Vanguard Method and Kingston University London People Centred Services course will show you how. The module is accredited at Post Graduate Level 7 and worth 30 credits.
“The best course I’ve undertaken in my 17 years in Local Government.  It’s an approach that has made me completely rethink how I will plan the review, design and development of services and systems within and across my organisation and has provided me with a practical and logical way to go about it.” Ceri Armstrong, Senior Health and Social Care Development Manager, Adult Social Care, Thurrock Council (studied on Cohort 6 of the course)
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt far more than I expected. It’s made a huge difference in that before the course I felt I had some/reasonable understanding of the Vanguard Method but was a little uncertain about whether I understood it sufficiently to fundamentally change the way my organisation works. Now I have the confidence/knowledge to make those changes. I have no hesitation in recommending the course and will do so to anyone I can.” Nigel Lucas, CEO at The Charity of Elizabeth Jane Jones
The course has been taught entirely online during the pandemic, whereas previously students were required to visit each other’s systems and the Kingston University campus. We will confirm the final arrangements for October closer to the start date. The course has a restricted intake so an early application is advised.
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Find out more about the course in the module guide.