The Vanguard Method is the means for helping service organisations change from a conventional ‘command-and-control’ design to a systems design. Application of the Method results in astonishing improvements in service, efficiency, revenue and morale. John Seddon, founder of Vanguard, gives an overview of this site in the video to the left.

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What’s on our site?

The Library: academic and non-academic articles, videos of Vanguard’s clients talking about their experiences using the Vanguard Method, and many more resources from Vanguard’s archives.

The Vanguard Method and Systems Thinking: Background and overview of the Vanguard Method: changing management thinking as the key to changing performance.

What can we learn from Programmes of Change?: Why do so many popular programmes of change fail? Why can they often make performance worse? Many of the conventional change programmes fail because they have no or negative impact on the system. We should not rationalise failures of change, we can learn from them.

Thinking Things: Conventional management thinking contains many traditions that need to be questioned for while they may be normal they are not productive. The Vanguard Method reveals a number of counter intuitive truths, which when understood and made the basis for management action lead to profoundly different approaches to change and organisation design.

How to Study: A complete guide to studying service organisations as systems; getting knowledge is the prerequisite for fast and effective change. The guidance shows you what to study and how. Following the guidance will require spending most of your time in the work. Subscribers only

How to Design: Provided you are armed with knowledge from studying your service as a system, how to design takes you through the steps to create a completely different service design. Subscribers only

Applications: Practical examples of the Vanguard Method in action. Each application shows how the service was designed conventionally, what was learned from studying it as a system and what the redesigned service looks like. The applications are NOT for copying. They are provided to help you calibrate your work and to give you confidence that you are taking the right steps. Subscribers only

Intervention Tactics: How do you ‘prove’ the counter intuitive truths. Should your redesign be small scale or should you take direct action to change the system? How do you help managers into their new roles acting on the system? … useful tactics for intervening, taught by expert interventionists. Subscribers only