Understanding demand: a masterclass


Understanding demand: a masterclass

A masterclass with Kristian Astrup-Nielsen and Jonas Astrup-Beck, recorded on 13 August 2021.

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This masterclass introduces the concept of failure demand and how you can apply it in your own organizational context. It is a systems concept, often misunderstood, that represents one of the greatest levers for improving organizational performance. Jonas Astrup Beck and Kristian Astrup Nielsen from Vanguard Scandinavia deliver the masterclass through a mix of explanation, animation, and drawing. They put the concept of failure demand in its proper context and provide a very practical introduction to help you get started in your own organisation.

During this masterclass, you will:

  • Be introduced to the concept of failure demand,
  • Learn how to do a demand analysis in your own organisation,
  • Understand why failure demand is a systems concept,
  • See examples of what demand looks like and is used across services,
  • Understand when it makes sense to study demand, when it doesn’t – and what to do instead,
  • See how an understanding of demand is linked to better measures.


The masterclass is most relevant for leaders and improvement consultants in the private and public sector.

Duration: 96 minutes.

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