How to make change based on knowledge


How to make change based on knowledge

A Masterclass with Jonas Astrup Beck and Kristian Astrup Nielsen of Vanguard Denmark.

John Seddon, Managing Director of Vanguard Consulting, introduces this webinar.  You can watch John’s introduction for free, below.

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This webinar was recorded on 06 May 2021.

This masterclass uses a practical case study to illustrate leadership choices and responsibilities in achieving profound results. You’ll see how change based on knowledge leads, with confidence, to the results – results that would never have been put in any plan.

The masterclass is designed for leaders and improvement and change professionals.

Often the hardest part isn’t seeing the potential for improvements. The hard part comes when embarking on actually making the change, getting everyone on board and realising the potential.

The Vanguard Method helps tackle both these challenges with a combination of systems theory and intervention theory. This masterclass has an emphasis on the ‘intervention’ part – how to make sustainable and positive organizational changes. Changes that improve services for customers and citizens and owned by the frontline staff as well as their leaders – not the external or internal consultants. Changes that result in performance improvements and continue to do so.

The masterclass covers:

  • What it means to improve performance.
  • Change strategies and what you can expect from them.
  • What preconditions need to be met for organizational changes to be effective.
  • Factors that help and hinders the helping process.
  • Phases you have to be aware of when helping others.
  • How to ‘build in’ motivation when making organizational changes.
  • A case study to exemplify the theory in action – from a leader’s perspective.
  • A question and answer session.

This will lead to a high-level overview of the Vanguard Method and its roots in intervention theory and method.

You can watch John Seddon’s introduction for free, below.

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