Tuesday 18th May 2021
13:00 until 14:00 BST

For 20 years and counting, governments have promised to address social care reform. In the meantime, some organisations have quietly got on with dramatically changing things for themselves.

One such example is Gwynedd Council. You are invited to join Meilys Heulfryn Smith, Gwynedd’s Programme Lead for Community Health and Social Care Transformation, as she shares her learning and experiences of improving citizens’ lives, increasing capacity and driving out the costs of waste in home care and beyond – in the health system and the wider community.

Meilys and her colleagues use the Vanguard Method to operate Beyond Command and Control. Join Meilys and Vanguard to learn more about what this means in practice and to discover what advice Meilys would give to leaders considering embarking upon this profound systemic change.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions.

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