Justin Watts, Head of Systems Thinking, E2E Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group

Q1. How would you summarise the impact of digital on financial services?

All-consuming and can be very misguided, we need to guard against blind application of digitisation of services that are not very well designed from the customer’s perspective. Its an opportunity and a disaster waiting to happen at the same time.

Q2. What distinctions of the Vanguard Method positively impact delivering benefit from digital?

It’s allowed us to ensure we come from a point of knowledge, that our designs are intelligent, we have a solid handle of the demand in terms of the presenting and the contextual so we know what to digitise and how and what not to digitise.

Q3. Why are you speaking at ‘Better Method from Better Digital,’ on May 16th?

I strongly believe that digital can be a fantastic experience for many simple demands but I want to try and help people to ensure that all customers needs are dealt with in the right way as we move into the future.

Meet Justin and find out more about Lloyds’ digital transformation in London at ‘Better Digital from Better Method,’ on 16th May.


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