Patrick Eltridge, CIO, RBS Group

Q: How would you summarise the impact of digital on financial services?

Internet banking started in the nineties and has evolved significantly since, and will continue to get easier to use, more powerful, more secure, more accessible, and more integrated to the way we work, live and play. That’s the ongoing journey of digitalisation to bring more value to customers.

Q: What distinctions of the Vanguard Method positively impact delivering benefit?

I like the way the Vanguard Method teaches our people to study the work, use better measurement, and identify and reduce failure demand as a priority. It starts with better understanding rather than rushing off to implement even more technology which all too often only adds to the problem.

Q: Why are you speaking at ‘Better Digital from Better Method’ on May 16th?

I am speaking at the Vanguard conference as I am keen to encourage this way of understanding and improving work. It’s an important evolution to improving customer value, and teaches us all a lot about how our organisations work today and how that current approach is often unhelpful.

Hear more about the digital transformation at RBS in London at ‘Better Digital from Better Method,’ on 16th May. Limited places available.

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