On 25th January 2022, John Seddon, Vanguard’s Managing Director, talked to Tom Bell, author of Lions, Liars, Donkeys and Penguins: the killing of Alison.

Tom summarises the story of his sister, Alison, in the timeline below.  

Tom can be contacted via his website: www.cormetis.com or email tom@cormetis.uk

A summary of John and Tom’s discussion is available to watch. John and Tom discuss:

  • what happened?
  • what caused this to happen?
  • what should be done now?

John outlines the role of regulation in the key relationship of Purpose, Measures, and Method.  In many systems, regulation and regulators specify the Purpose of the system in addition to the measures and methods that leaders must use.  John argues that, regulation and regulators should concentrate on Purpose, determined from the citizen’s point of view, and allow leaders to determine measures that relate to Purpose, and the methods by which Purpose is achieved.  

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