This video was filmed at Vanguard’s Beyond Command and Control event on the 20 June 2019 at the Forest of Arden, Birmingham, England.  John Seddon, founder and Managing Director of Vanguard, introduces the Masterclass and describes the events in his career that led him to invent and develop the Vanguard Method.

Beginning with his experience as a prison psychologist and student of clinical psychology, John describes what led him to switch to study occupational psychology and focus on two key elements that form the Vanguard Method: a systems thinking perspective and intervention theory.

John outlines the problem Vanguard set out to solve, key moments in the development of the Vanguard Method, and the basic flaws in command-and-control service design.  He describes the influences on his thinking, such as W Edwards Deming, who stated that we, humankind, invented management, so we can change it.  Describing the nature of this change to management thinking, John gives some examples of how Vanguard has helped its clients design for effectiveness and the results this change in thinking enables clients to achieve.

John describes his early experiences after completing his masters degree and working with Peter Edwards at Honeywell through to Vanguard’s presence today, in eleven countries.

You can watch Vanguard experts speaking at this event in the links below. Each presentation can be bought as a download (an .mp4 file) for £20.00 + tax.