This video is the ninth in a series of highlights from the Leaders Summit event on 10th March 2016 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster, London. John Seddon introduces Justin Watts, Head of Systems Thinking, at Lloyds Banking Group.

Justin describes approaches to designing digital services and highlights ‘something is missing’ with each. What’s missing is knowledge. Describing the work that Lloyds are undertaking to design digital services that work, Justin explains how the Vanguard Method has been applied to:

  • understand (‘get knowledge’)
  • improve

and then, and only then,

  • pull IT.

In the blue box below, there are links to additional material relating to Justin’s video and a link to the publication that contains John Seddon’s article referred to in the introduction of this video.  You can also see other leaders talking about their experiences applying the Vanguard Method to IT development.