A telesales team took a look at how well their system supported the staff.

They asked and answered the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of telesales?

2. What are the things that the team needs (to achieve the purpose)?

2a. How well is each working (rate on a 1 – 10 scale)

3. What are the things that stop the team achieving its purpose?

3a. How much time is taken up with these?

They used their answers to build a picture of their system:

It is relevant to note that until doing this exercise the team worked to a target, and was on target! The system picture showed that the ‘target’ was well below their potential capability. It is the manager’s job to act on the system. If the manager works to improve things we need and works to remove things that stop us, performance will improve.

Before the team did this exercise, the manager was monitoring call activity. That only served to worsen morale.

It is also important to say that this exercise was conducted by using peoples’ experience. If you do this kind of exercise, you might think about studying the system properly and then doing the exercise again. It will teach the importance of studying and the difference between experience and knowledge.