The job of management is to act on the system, this means being competent in:

  • Understanding how the organisation works as a system
  • Conveying this understanding to others
  • Articulating the aims (or purpose) of the system
  • Valuing measures of achievement of purpose above all other measures
  • Knowing the relationship between leading and lagging measures
  • Demonstrating the value of co-operation between groups; working for the same purpose
  • Showing people how their work contributes to the system (and purpose)
  • Placing a value on learning and the development of knowledge (for self and his/her people)
  • Using measures in such a way as to improve knowledge, prediction and decision-making
  • Understanding variation and using knowledge of variation to drive decision-making
  • Providing people with the wherewithal to do their work and improve their work

These competencies can only be developed through action.