Zokaei Neath Port Talbot DFGs case study 2010

First published in December 2010 as part of the book ‘Systems Thinking: From Heresy to Practice’ by Zokaei et al, this case study from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council shows that the sooner a disabled facility grant (DFG) was turned into an adaptation in a service user’s home, the better were the chances of avoiding admission into costly residential care.

A comparison of the old and new (redesigned) system showed savings per case of approximately £500 on physical works and £180 on the cost of delivery, with a turnaround time of a tenth of what it was previously.

Subsequently, people were shown to be living for 4 years longer on average if they received their adaptation at home rather than being admitted into residential care – a massive saving for the council against the cost of this additional care, and a huge difference for the quality of life for the recipient of the DFG.

Read the Zokaei Neath Port Talbot DFGs case study here.