Jeremy Burgess, CEO of The Insurance Network, interviewed John Seddon, Vanguard’s Managing Director, on Tuesday 9th February 2021 at the TINtech London Market event.  

John and Jeremy discuss management thinking around productivity, digitising services, and managing a distributed environment with a workforce working from home.

John outlines how the adoption of digital makes service worse and drives up costs when approached with traditional command and control thinking. He describes six ideas promoted by big consultancies that are unproven and false, as they fail to understand demand in customer terms and how automation fails to deal with demand. John also describes why putting IT last, not first, means organisations spend less on IT and use all of the work that is produced.

John discusses how leaders who are focussed on three central controls:

  • knowledge of customer demand and its predictability,
  • achievement of Purpose in customer terms,
  • only doing the value work,

should expect to see their costs fall and service improve.

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