We delighted to tell you that Beyond Command and Control will be published in September. As well as covering familiar ground in an unfamiliar way this book says more about the ‘how’ of change and the need for whole-system change in our service organisations, in other words what do we do about HR, Finance, IT and so on. John also takes on Agile, the most incredible of fads, to point out its fallacies and describe how to design digital services that work without any of the rituals, roles and new-speak that Agile has brought. And more besides…

Read the reviews and order your copy.


“…the thinking behind traditional management and the resulting practices are both ruthlessly challenged.”
Bjarte Bogsnes, Chairman, Beyond Budgeting Institute

“Aviva PLC sees the change method described in these pages as a strategic signature…”
Darren Cornish, Aviva PLC Group Director



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