Dave Kerr, Customer Journey Design Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

Q: How would you summarise the impact of Digital on financial services?

A: It’s changed everything; the expectations of customers (both in terms of form and function), the pace at which providers need to respond to demand, simplicity as hygiene rather than a differentiaton. The face of financial services has irrevocably changed to put the customer at the heart of everything.

Q: What distinctions of the Vanguard Method positively impact delivering benefit?

A focus on meeting actual customer need rather than perceived customer need.

Q:  Why are you speaking at the ‘Better Digital from Better Method,’ conference on May 16th?

Lloyds Banking Group has learned a great deal on its digital transformation to date – some good, some bad, some ugly! – and we are keen to both share and inspire others to go on the same journey.

Meet Dave and find out more about Lloyds’ digital transformation in London at ‘Better Digital from Better Method,’ on 16th May. Limited places available.


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