We, humankind, invented management, we can change it.

Do you know in your bones that Command-and-Control management has had its day? Are you actively interested in moving beyond the cost-increasing, revenue-jeopardising, morale-bashing Command-and-Control ideology? Or perhaps you are aware that pioneers have achieved levels of improvement – both in the numbers and morale – that are nothing short of jaw-dropping?

A national network

Then join with others in the Beyond Command and Control Network.

Signing up for the network is free. Connect with fellow travellers at national events. Receive a regular newsletter to find out what’s going on in the Beyond Command and Control movement.

Get first notification of the Beyond Command and Control Masterclass series and a member’s discount on the ticket price. The Masterclass series will expose you to the profound achievements of the pioneers, equip you with the practical means and help you understand the issues on the Beyond Command-and-Control journey.

Local and practice-based networks

We know people find it valuable to share their journey and learning with others. In order to help you do this, we plan to support a range of local and profession/practice-based networks across the UK in 2018 in response to demand.

If you are interested in joining or setting up a local network where you live or a practice-based network for your profession, please tell us what would best help you on the form below.

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Join a network of people moving beyond command and control.

All we want from you is enthusiasm, an interest in being on the journey and a willingness to share your stories.

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