John Seddon is back. This time with an uncompromising account of Whitehall’s effect on our public services. It’s a damning read and may cause some serious fireworks.

Published 5th November 2014 from Triarchy Press.

In The WHITEHALL Effect, John Seddon explains how successive governments have failed to deliver what our public services need and exposes the devastation that three decades of political fads, fashions and bad theory have caused. With specific examples and new evidence, he chronicles how the Whitehall ideas machine has failed on a monumental scale – and the impact that this has had on public sector workers and those of us who use public sector services.

The WHITEHALL Effect provides fresh insights into some of the most challenging issues of our time (because of their impact on health, education, policing and all public services) and reveals the unprecedented opportunity we now have to create the public services we all deserve.

Required Reading…
“We need a new paradigm that puts the citizen/customer first, drives value into the lives of recipients and costs less… This is the challenge behind what needs to be our 21st-century vision for services-to-the-public. The Whitehall Effect sets out the way we might deliver better services. It should be required reading for anyone who delivers a service to the public.”

The Foreword is written by Lord Victor Adebowale.  You can read the Foreword in full here.