Typically, our clients in Financial Services will:

  • increase GI sales from 55% to 161% of target
  • increase NPS from -5 to >90%
  • reduce indemnity spend
  • decrease the time to open and fund new bank accounts from an average of 51 days to the same day
  • receive a return of 1:8 on their spend with Vanguard
  • gain 35% capacity in global Banking servicing
  • change the fundamental economics of claims handling
  • insource work without adding headcount
  • gain 80% capacity in Life servicing
  • eliminate the need for IVR systems.

From pensions to credit cards, bank loans to household claims, business banking, global account opening and payments, the Vanguard Method is achieving amazing results for our financial services clients.

All have achieved improvements in customer satisfaction, it’s been better for the people that serve customers and the shareholders have seen the benefits of improved profits.

The Vanguard Method is fast becoming the standard design in the Life and General Insurance sector. It is already been used to transform service, performance, and reduce indemnity spend in Aviva and Lloyds Banking Group. Don’t take our word for it, listen to Rob Brown!

The Vanguard Method is better for customers:

Insurance claims settlements average from 84 down to 6 days
Bank account opening and funding average from 35 days down to 38 minutes
Bond encashments average 60 days to on demand
First point resolution from 60% to 90%