The simple application of the steps listed below can lead to a ‘triple whammy’ of improvement: Faster software development whilst spending less and delivery of software with much greater utility.

An ROI of over 3000% is a typical outcome of a Vanguard Method intervention in IT.

Work with IT helpdesks has increased first time fix rates by 63%, with the end to end time taken to resolve a help desk call being reduced by 91%

The Vanguard Method applied in support functions always has a dramatic impact on the delivery of core services delivery. A Vanguard Method intervention in IT improves the service delivered to customers and IT users and dramatically reduces the time and money required to provide the solutions.

The Vanguard Method and Agile development

Research in the 1990s identified the ‘organisational culture’ (Current operational principles) accounted for the failure of 80% of IT projects. IT development has come a long way since the 90s. Agile IT development has an affinity with the principles underpinning the Vanguard Method but still does not have within it the ability to allow those principles to be applied, its success is still subject to the current operational principles being aligned to its method.

In order for Agile development to be focused on solving the right problems and be accepted by the organisation the business must be transformed first.