Our Public and Private sector clients’ Contact Centres have been transformed through the application of the Vanguard Method; all have massive improvements in service and efficiency.

It is quite normal for a transformed Contact Centre operating using Vanguard Method principles to be 70-80% more efficient and for first point resolution to be between 85-95%.

Value & Failure Demand

In the early 1990s we made a breakthrough in how to study demand into Contact Centres. In the course of studying customer demand we realised there are only two types – Value demand (the kind of demand we want) and Failure demand (the kind we don’t want).

This simple, yet incredibly powerful, distinction has given Contact Centre managers a fundamentally different insight allowing them to act in ways that reduce failure and therefore liberate resource.

The current paradigm

The industry that has grown up around Contact Centres has failed managers by encouraging them to adopt and manage using numbers that will make performance worse not better and that will lead to ‘Sweat shop’ conditions for their agents.

AHT, Wrap & Speed to answer are the cause of poor performance not the solution.