On the spot housing allocation decisions.  84% of applicants’ needs are met.

Void turnaround time reduced by two thirds and refurbishment costs reduced by 16%

67% of properties let within 4 weeks, an increase of 18%

Better cash flow – 30% reduction in the time taken to collect the tenants’ first rent payment and loss of rental income reduced by a quarter

New tenant debt reduced by 45%

Housing repairs and other services, including plumbing, delivered to the tenant on the day and at the time they want with dramatically reduced costs:

  • a 125% increase in jobs completed with stock carried on the operative’s van. 90% of all jobs completed with a 75% reduction in the value of van stock,
  • operative downtime due to shopping for materials reduced from 1.5 hours a day to minutes, resulting in a saving of £50,000 per annum per 10 operatives employed.

Rent arrears reduced by 20%

All the above leading to a customer satisfaction rating of 93%

A Systematic Approach to Service Improvement2

In 2005, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK evaluated The Vanguard Method by talking to several of Vanguard’s Housing clients.

They published this report: A Systematic Approach to Service Improvement, Evaluating Systems Thinking in Housing
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Choice Based Lettings
How is the Vanguard Method different?

Better for the customer

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