On 3rd September 2021, Jonas Astrup Beck and Kristian Astrup Nielsen of Vanguard Skandinavien, delivered a masterclass; measuring beyond command and control masterclass. They are joined towards the end of the masterclass by Vanguard’s founder, John Seddon, towards the end of the masterclass.

You can watch a short summary of the masterclass, for free, below

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About the masterclass

Measuring performance is not only about defining the right parameters. Although this is important, the purpose of measurement trumps any effort at finding the right things to measure. 

This masterclass shows how to use measures to understand and improve, the consequences this perspective has on the measures-in-use, and why you should use them. Measuring beyond command and control has significant implications for leaders, employees, and consultants. Kristian and Jonas outline a high-level and practical introduction to get started.

The masterclass covers the following:

  • Gaining an understanding about the purpose of measurement,
  • Understanding the criteria for ‘a good measure’,
  • How to ask better questions about measures,
  • Practical examples of real measures and their link to operations,
  • An introduction to the theory of variation and its implications,
  • How to better predict organisational performance,
  • Understanding the link between what is measured and the system (the design and management of work),
  • How to collect measures in your own organisation.