On 24th September 2021, Jonas Astrup Beck and Kristian Astrup Nielsen of Vanguard Skandinavien, delivered a masterclass introducing how to go beyond rules and procedures.

You can watch a short summary of the masterclass, for free, below:

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About the masterclass

Most leaders understand that rules and procedures have limitations – but their use is ubiquitous.

The consequences are more bureaucratic and rigid organisations. If you want to go beyond rules and procedures, what should you do instead? A viable alternative must solve the same problems that rules and procedures solve.

This masterclass will give you an understanding of the mechanics of the bureaucracy factory and introduces you to a viable alternative: a structured, principle-based approach to designing and managing work.

You will also see how this approach works within legal frameworks and compliments our understanding of customer demand. Kristian and Jonas will outline how the use of measures related to organisational purpose, from the customers’ point of view, is central to understanding and improving the work.

Finally, this masterclass will introduce how going beyond rules and procedures affects the role of leaders, employees, and consultants.

In this recording, Kristian and Jonas:

  • Introduced to the bureaucracy factory,
  • Outlined how to understand the model for going beyond rules and procedures and the logic that underpins it,
  • Demonstrate how to formulate principles based on knowledge derived from the work,
  • Highlight what needs to be in place for a principle-based approach to succeed,
  • Show how principles can be used to create better practices within legal frameworks,
  • Demonstrate how principles complement our understanding of demand, measures, and improved performance.