Are you curious about Lean’s failure to have an impact on the bottom line?

John Seddon and Brendan O’Donovan (Vanguard’s Head of Research) have written a new paper: An exploration into the failure of Lean.

It is available free of charge.  Leave us your email below to download the paper.

The purpose of the paper is to show that the ‘Lean’ movement is based on a flawed interpretation of innovations that originally occurred at the Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota in the 1950s.

Seddon and O’Donovan argue that the codification of Toyota’s innovations ran counter to the instructions of the original architect of the Toyota Production System, Taiichi Ohno. As a result, modern leaders, spending millions on Lean programmes, are discovering that the results don’t fall through to the bottom line. Seddon and O’Donovan also illustrate what could and should have been done – and still can be done – to emulate Taiichi Ohno’s innovation in service organisations today.

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