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You may have already seen the famous Experiment on Red Beads carried out in UK Deming Seminars or in Dr Deming’s four-day seminar – you may even have participated in it. If so, you will know what a valuable method it is for teaching some basic understanding of variation and how it clarifies why many common management practices are ill-founded. You will therefore know how useful it can be for education and training in your company.

Dr Deming ran the Experiment on Red Beads at every one of his celebrated four-day seminars. Prior to that he ran some version of the procedure way back in his early days in Japan.

As interest in the Deming philosophy of management grows, an increasing number of people are seeing the need to teach and demonstrate the Red Beads Experiment. However, its very value lies in the fact that there is much more to the experiment than initially meets the eye. To carry out the experiment in a manner which clearly conveys most of its important messages may be easier said than done. We include a helpful booklet giving the history and clear instructions both on running the experiment and drawing lessons from it.

The Red Beads Experiment Kit is exactly as Dr Deming’s original intended and has been refined using customer feedback. It includes:

  • Box Container
  • 750 Red Beads
  • 3000 White beads
  • Wooden Paddle
  • Deming’s A5 Booklet “The Experiment on Red Beads”