This webinar was recorded on 20 April 2021 and presented by John Seddon and Ibrar Hussain.

With the massive shift to working from home, we now see tech companies promoting new employee surveillance tools. These tools will undermine performance and morale.

Think about it from the employee’s point of view: Your boss can see your emails, any documents you read or create, your appointments, who you talk to, and when; can listen to or read transcriptions of your calls. Your boss can see your computer screen, can monitor your internet use, the sites you visit and for how long. Your boss can even turn on your camera and watch you at work. How would you like to be that employee?

This webinar covers:

  • Employee surveillance before working from home
  • The purpose and value of surveillance
  • The new surveillance tools: good or bad?
  • Principles for good measurement and control
  • Surveillance of the work, not the worker

If you want to ensure that service is delivered by energised, innovative, committed people rather than demoralised fear-ridden automatons, you should buy this webinar.