Trainee/Junior Consultants up to £35k

The Vanguard Consultant Development program has been set up to meet the growing demand for expertise in the Vanguard Method in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

We are looking to recruit people currently working as junior managers in private sector service organisations or junior consultants in a ‘big’ consulting firm.

You will be someone who has become disillusioned by the failure of the traditional approaches to management you are expected to follow, or by the inability of traditional methods of change promulgated by consulting firms to create any significant sustainable improvements.

Following initial training in the fundamentals of the Vanguard Method, successful candidates will work under the guidance of a Client Lead to learn how to apply the method in operational situations.

You will be expected to undertake extended assignments in any of the countries where Vanguard operates.

If you are interested please send your CV and a note explaining why you want to join us to