Mornings of 12th October and 9th November 2021 (one day course split over two mornings)

Learn how to transform your people centred system using knowledge and data of your current system and the demand that comes into it. At the end of the course, you will be able to carry out an empirical analysis of demand coming into your system. You will leave with an alternative vision for the design and management of your service.

Benefits of attending:

  • The ability to carry out an empirical analysis of demand coming into your system
  • An evidence-based understanding of how well your current system is performing
  • Knowledge of the best place to start when transforming a people centred system
  • The confidence and skills to start transforming your own system
  • An alternative vision for the design and management of your service

Who should attend:

  • People working in people centred services
  • Anyone interested in using knowledge and data from the demands that currently come into your service to help transform it
  • Those who recognise that the current design of many social care and associated systems are no longer fit for purpose, much of which has been highlighted through the recent COVID 19 pandemic
  • Those who are operational/strategic leaders in systems and who want to think about things in a different way

What will be covered:

  • An introduction to the Vanguard Method as applied in people centred systems
  • Why studying demand and clarity of purpose are a good starting point
  • How to study demand in a people centred system
  • Learning from demand and where this will then take you
  • A framework that will support your learning
  • The key features of the current system and the key features of what an alternative system could look like

Method of delivery:

The session will be split into two half days and will involve some interactive sessions.  We will also ask you, if possible, to have access to your demands that come in via the telephone, the internet, or walk-in demands in the days between the two sessions.

Cost £245.00 + VAT

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