System Economics: an action-learning masterclass


Day 1 – Monday 11th October 2021 (AM)
Day 2 – Monday 8th November 2021 (AM)
Day 3 – Monday 22nd November 2021 (AM)
Day 4 – Tuesday 7th December 2021 (AM)

09:30 – 12:30 UK time

This masterclass will take place on Zoom

With Joanne Gibson from Vanguard Consulting

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An action-learning masterclass split over four mornings

Day 1 – Monday 11th October 2021 (AM)
Day 2 – Monday 8th November 2021 (AM)
Day 3 – Monday 22nd November 2021 (AM)
Day 4 – Tuesday 7th December 2021 (AM)

Are you working in a service where demand is rising and costs appear to be spiralling out of control? Do you think the current financial models used to establish budgets, manage finances require new thinking?

This masterclass will challenge the accounting convention that we should worry about unit cost and transaction cost. It will introduce you to some simple and profound thinking about the way we should set budgets and manage finances in organisations.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who believes that the current financial models used to establish budgets and manage require new thinking
  • People working in services/systems where demand is increasing and where costs are spiralling out of control
  • Anyone who is concerned about the traditional ways in which costs are reduced in organisations

What the course covers

  • What you learn about budgets and financial management when you study a system: examples from a number of systems.
  • Understanding that the way we currently set budgets and manage finances is not based upon knowledge of how we actually use money in our operations
  • How to ensure that budget management and financial planning are grounded in a thorough knowledge of the operations make money and/or use money
  • Understand the end-to-end costs in systems and how this gives you a different perspective on costs
  • Having a go at mapping your system end to end and understanding the end-to-end costs.
  • Using knowledge gained by studying your system to inform budget setting and financial planning based on doing the value work – connecting budget setting and financial setting to the operations.
  • Understand that managing value will drive out costs in a system.

Method of delivery

The session will be split into four half days and will involve some interactive sessions.

The first two sessions will take you through how to map a process or cases end-to-end and what you learn particularly about the value work – what we should be paying for.

The second two sessions will then focus on how you can understand the costs within the system/service associated with doing waste activity. You will identify the costs associated with the value work and use this knowledge to inform how budgets should be set.

We will also ask you to apply some of the skills and principles between each session.There will also be opportunity to join ongoing supported practice and learning sessions.

Course Tutor: Joanne Gibson

Joanne has many years of experience in the Vanguard Method and has consulted on diverse projects in the public, voluntary and private sectors. She has helped a wide variety of organisations understand how their current system works through the application of Vanguard Method principles. This has included extensive experience working across organisations in localities, challenging traditional work boundaries and removing constraints to focus on the individual/citizen at the centre of the service(s). More recently she has supported organisations experimenting with commissioning homecare based on an understanding of ‘what matters’ and challenging traditional procurement processes.

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