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Experimenting on Twitter

I’ve avoided social media; due to lessons I learned in the early days of the internet. I was involved in discussion groups on Compuserve. I saw that people didn’t change their position over time. You could predict what people would say. In terms of intervention theory it is a rational environment – one person ‘speaks’ another maps what is said onto their own mental model. It is hard to change mental models. When someone ‘speaks’ a counterintuitive idea – an idea that challenges, even defuncts a mental model, a row ensues. Positions harden. Mental models are hard to change.

So I arrive on Twitter with a clear intent not to argue with respondents who tell me I am wrong, but to create a steady stream of thoughts that might create curiosity in others.

My Twitter ‘handle’ is @JohnWSeddon.


Our new subscription site

You don’t get many words in a tweet. So I use some tweets to promote podcasts, where I have more time to explain. The podcasts are free to listen, all we ask is that people register with their email address. That way you get to know when we post new content.

You can register for a great deal of free content here:


Deliverology is back ☹

My latest podcast is BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again). The Cabinet Secretary (very top dog) gave an address which revealed, to my horror, that Boris’s government now has a Delivery Unit, employing Michael Barber’s Deliverology, which Barber claims to be the ‘science of delivery’. Thirteen years ago I wrote a chapter (in Systems Thinking in the Public Sector) on the folly of Deliverology. No science in that simplistic plausible junk – I described it as Micky Mouse command and control. I couldn’t resist arguing with the Cabinet Secretary, a top civil servant, not a tweeter.  😊.

You can access the podcast here:


Boris targets the cops

In BOHICA I refer to a previous podcast explaining why Boris’s good idea for any victim of crime to be able to access a cop on the phone simply can’t be delivered in the current system of policing. We know because we’ve been there, we’ve studied it.

Learn more in ‘Boris targets the cops’ here:


A talk on failure demand

Last week I talked to a Finnish audience about failure demand. Easily understood, easily misunderstood. The host put it on YouTube:


On-line services

It won’t surprise you to learn that we’ve moved a lot of our work on-line.

We now have a complete on-line package to help leaders of care services employ the Vanguard Method by remote provision and support.  We currently provide remote support to many other clients who are employing the Vanguard Method; it has extended our international reach. As well as webinars and such-like, we have many subscribers to our e-learning system, the DIY, cheap-as-chips, get cracking thing; because as long as you’re doing the right thing, if you get it wrong, you will learn.


Where to now?

As you can tell more of our time is being devoted to on-line work. Again, I encourage you to register (it is free) with our subscription site. If only because you’ll get more news and information than from my occasional newsletters. But I shall continue to send newsletters… occasionally.

Thanks for reading!