But I’m Here for Mental Health‘ is a short film that tells the experiences of people with complex and fluctuating mental health conditions who have been through the Work Capability Assessment in Tyneside. These are real stories (names have been changed to protect identities and the roles are played by actors).

There are three people sitting in a waiting room, two men and a woman. Their faces portray nervousness and anxiety. A woman appears and calls the first man. Alan follows her down the corridor. The minute they get into the interview room the assessor begins tapping something into her computer. On the desk sits a form. Alan stares at it. The colour drains from his face.

This film was commissioned by Tyneside Mind and Helix Arts, the film was created by Meerkat Films and funded by the Millfield House Foundation.

If you are affected by this film please contact the Mind infoline on (UK) 0300 123 3393.