Paying attention to process means two things: creating a ‘one-team’ perspective amongst people throughout the end-to-end process, rather than a ‘departmental’ focus and, most critically, developing useable measurement. Everyone doing the work should regard themselves as a member of one team dedicated to the fulfilment of customer requirements and, furthermore, continually able to improve the way they do it.

To create sense of purpose, where it is incumbent on everyone to think about their work as a process (in a system), can be encouraged by:

Establishing measures of achievement of purpose for the whole process (not parts)
Then asking questions like:

‘What happens at each point in the process that affects our ability to deliver to the customer?’

‘How often, how much, where, when?’

‘What do we have problems with?’

‘How do we know?’ (Very important – the measurement question)

Ruthless attention to every step in the process will begin to illuminate the problems.