You can’t change any organisation in one go. In every large-scale change you have people who have ‘got it’ working alongside their colleagues who haven’t.

These are the things people often say:

•    It’s a leap of faith
•    It only works in operations
•    It is mad to ignore budgets / financial numbers
•    It hasn’t worked anywhere else
•    It takes too long and we don’t have time
•    It’s crazy to say yes to everything the customer wants irrespective of cost
•    It’s not ‘strategic’
•    It’s a cult
•    It is going to make performance worse
•    They are not paying attention to risk or legal/regulatory requirements
•    Vanguard says ‘let the people decide’

None of the above is true. All are reflections of command-and-control thinkers trying to map systems ideas on to their current way of thinking. It is the way of thinking that is the problem.