The Vanguard Method is used in the Construction sector.  In his article: What can go wrong, will go wrong – How the thinking in the construction system drives errors in, not out, Vanguard’s Alisdair Kerr describes what Construction leaders, tradesmen and women, and support staff have learnt when they study their system.

Alisdair illustrates how current management thinking about the design and management of work sub-optimises performance in Construction, driving in errors, driving up costs, and creating buildings that do not meet customers’ needs.

A change in thinking in Construction leads to a change in the system: the way the work is designed and managed.  Alisdair highlights a shift in Purpose, and outlines principles that lead to better measures, roles, decision making, and collaborative working in Construction.

You can find out more about the elements of the Vanguard Method that Alisdair discusses in his article by clicking on the links below.