On November 8th 2005, the Audit Commission produced a report claiming that partnership working has the greatest potential for improving efficiency in benefits processing. This, we in Vanguard (and our clients) know is not the case.

John Seddon wrote to the Audit Commission’s chairman, James Strachan (who has since resigned), to say the report actually says local authority’s costs vary and the authors could not work out why; and to jump from there to pushing ‘partnership working’ is to promote the wrong answer.  Seddon also stated that the Vanguard solution was not included in the report, it had been reviewed by Audit Commission people and they had put it forward to the report’s authors.

Frances Done, Managing Director – Local Government at the Audit Commission wrote back to say she did not recognise Seddon’s summary of the report.  Seddon’s reply to her on 26th January 2006 can be read here.