Inpatient Services

Cashable Savings:

  • 14% of the whole hospital budget
  • 23% of the neurology budget
  • 17% of externally commissioned care


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Outpatient (Clinic) Services

Patients said:

  • “I have never been seen so quickly”
  • “The doctor had time for me”

Staff said:

  • “Consultations feel more personal”
  • “The clinic feels much calmer”


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Community Services

  • 17% demand reduction
  • Recurrent savings projected at upwards of £85m per annum

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Children’s Services

92% reduction in time from referral to the provision of service

Failure demand reduced by 25%

Pre-intervention – 80% of worker’s time spent on paperwork and writing reports, post intervention – 80% of worker’s time spent face to face with the child and their family

Better for children – children only need to see one person (rather than 15)