The e-learning area of our website comprises of two types of content:

1. Free content which is available to access by everyone, no subscription is required:

  • It contains a wealth of material in a variety of formats, including animations, videos, books and articles.
  • The purpose of which is to provide basic management re-education and an introduction to the Vanguard Method.
  • The design is deliberately heuristic; there is no “right” way to navigate the content. We encourage you to have a good browse around in any way that satisfies your curiosity.


2. Subscriber content which contains the “How to do it” of the Vanguard Method:

  • The Vanguard Method (“tVM”) helps leaders change their service organisations from a traditional ‘command and control’ design to a systems design, resulting in dramatic improvements in sales, service, efficiency and morale.
  • The Subscriber content provides a self-directed method for studying – getting knowledge that helps leaders unlearn – and the steps in redesigning services with better operating principles.
  • Whilst technology is no substitute for human interaction, the website is an economical, flexible option for those who want to apply tVM under their own steam, without consultants on the ground every step of the way.
  • That said, if you get stuck, we’ll still be there if you need us, and paid-for support from consultants also remains an option available to you.
  • The box below sets out details of the e-learning costs and features.
  • If you’d like to talk to us about using the site, please email or call us on +44 (0)1280 822255.


Our pricing for Professionals and Consultants is shown below:


Expertise to study and redesign your services

£6,000 (+VAT) per person for the first 12 months
followed by:
£100 (+VAT) per person every 6 months

Low-cost Subscriber-only events
Discounts on other Vanguard events
Public sectors and third sector discounts
Group discounts

Subject to terms and conditions


Expertise to help your clients study and redesign their services

£12,000 (+VAT) per person for the first 12 months
followed by:
£200 (+VAT) per person every 6 months

Low-cost Consultant-only events
Discounts on other Vanguard events
Discretionary Accreditation to the Vanguard Method and working alongside Vanguard

Subject to terms and conditions