3rd September 2021
10:00 until 11.30 BST

Measuring performance is not only about defining the right parameters. All though this is important, the purpose of measuring in the first place trumps any effort at finding the right things to measure. This masterclass shows how to start to using measures to understand and improve, and what consequences this perspective will have both on the specific measures being used, but also why they are being used. Measuring beyond command and control has large implications for leaders, employees, and consultants. This masterclass gives you a high level ,as well as a very practical introduction to how to get started.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of what the purpose of measuring is
  • Understand the criteria for ‘a good measure’
  • Be able to ask better questions about measures
  • See practical examples of real measures and the link to the organizational operation
  • Be introduced to the theory of variation and understand its implications
  • Be able to better predict the organizational performance
  • Understand the link between what you measure and the organizational system
  • Be able to collect measures in your own organization

There will be time to ask questions at the end of the session.

The masterclass is most relevant for leaders and improvement consultants in the private and public sector.

Duration 1,5 hour.

Participants will attend without sound and video, with the opportunity to ask questions.

£125 + VAT per delegate
£90 + VAT per delegate early bird rate (book before 16th July 2021)

To book a place, please complete the booking form and email it to pr@vanguardconsult.co.uk