The Whitehall EffectIn The WHITEHALL Effect, John Seddon explains how successive governments have failed to deliver what our public services need and exposes the devastation that three decades of political fads, fashions and bad theory have caused. With specific examples and new evidence, he chronicles how the Whitehall ideas machine has failed on a monumental scale – and the impact that this has had on public sector workers and those of us who use public sector services.

The Whitehall Effect exposes a bureaucracy that is institutionally resistant to new ways of doing things, perpetuating a system that is both profligate and inefficient…Those who have listened to [John Seddon] have transformed the way things are done, cutting costs and waste while ensuring services are delivered effectively…”
Phillip Johnston, Daily Telegraph, 4th November 2014

“John Seddon’s forensic eye is sobering and brings clarity and some sense of empowerment for those like myself who believe passionately in delivering better services to the public”.
Lord Victor Adebowale CBE

Read the Foreword by Lord Victor Adebowale in full.

Read an edited extract from ‘The Whitehall Effect’ in the Guardian, 5th November 2014.

The hardback is available to order now from Triarchy press at £20.